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customer review

” I Wouldn’t trust anybody else with my braids. The last 3 heads I’ve had have had not only been a pleasure to wear but also have thickened and lengthened my hair which would not grow and was not doing very well beforehand. I highly recommend braids as a protective style to help grow your hair no matter what hair type you have and I highly recommend that @TherezaHair be the one to install and maintain those braids 💯❤️❤️” Angie  Lea

Beautiful girl with her hair braided.
Girls with Box Braids
girl with long box braids

Braids are formed using 3 strands, you can choose to add extensions or just braids with your natural hair. The incorporation of extensions enhances the look of the braids and help the braids last longer

Hair Braiding, a protective hairstyle that we all love! Braids or Box Braids helps to restore the health and thickness of your hair. You got what you are looking for here at Thereza hair!! Allow us to braid your hair in a calm and relaxing environment.