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Our Scalp Soothing Mist helps to hydrate dry, itchy and flaky scalps while leaving the scalp refreshed and smelling great!

How to use:
Spray directly on scalp and hair and massage gently.

For use with braids
Spray the Scalp Soothing Mist directly on the scalp and massage gently, working your way through the braids. This will ensure that your hair is hydrated for longer ensuring your braids last the distance.

For those with Dreadlocks
Spray the Mist directly to the scalp, massage through. For best results, combine with our Scalp Soothing Oil applying as desired.

Benefits of using our Scalp Soothing Mist:

  • detangles frizzy curls
  • Calms and soothe itchy scalp
  • hydrates hair and scalp
  • Anti-frizz
  • Great for dreadlocks and braids


  • Aqua
  • Mentha Arvensis (Peppermint Essential Oil)
  • Grape Seed Oil,
  • Witch Hazel, Hemp Seed Oil
  • Targeted Essential Oils
  • Tea- Tree oil
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tocopherols 70% ( Vitamin E Natural)

Targeted Essential Oils:

Eucalyptus/Peppermint, Tea-Tree helps stimulate the hair follicles, improves your hair health, relieve your itchy scalp and repel any nasties like head lice.

Lavender has antimicrobial properties, anti-inflamatory properties, stimulates hair growth and prevents thinning.

Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach from children. Results may vary depending on hair type and usage. Best stored in a cool and dry climate. Please read carefully the list of ingredients prior to applying on scalp or hair to avoid irritation or allergic reaction.

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2 reviews for Scalp Soothing Mist

  1. Floriana

    This product does what it says on the label. My 3 year old had matted hair and does not like me fixing his hair. It took me less then 30 minutes to get all the matted parts out. My partner loves using it to make his dreads smell/feel fresh in the morning. Easy to apply within miniutes.

    • thereza

      Thank you Floriana!

  2. Roslyn Bhowa

    This is my son’ favourite product.
    He loves the scent and a sense freshness that comes with it.
    He has dreadlocks and he plays basketball and after a sweaty workout he just loves to home to the scalp soothing mist which helps him not to wash his hair every day as it refreshes his scalp.
    I use it to detangle my daughter’s beautiful afro kink hair.
    Before we had the scalp soothing mist it was hard to brush her in the morning before going to school, Fortunately after discovering about the scalp soothing oil we decided to give it go and now the comb just runs through her hair without any struggle as it makes the very soft and detangle all the knots within seconds.
    This product is kids friendly and a life saver, I highly recommend ❤️❤️❤️

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