Hair braiding is a protective hairstyle that restores the health and thickness of your hair. Braids are formed using 3 strands, you can choose to add extensions or just braids with your natural hair. The incorporation of extensions enhances the look of the braids and help the braids last longer. 

Box braids are the most iconic hair style, your hair are sectioned into the shape of your choice; this can be square, triangle, hexagon and so on. The hair will then be individually braided to get the desired length. You can use your own hair or add extensions to enhance the look. Box braids take long to put in, however, once done you will enjoy the freedom of no brushing no blow drying your hair each morning. Enjoy low maintenance hairstyle that lasts for up to 6 weeks.

Micro braids are delicate and thinner, the hair is formed by delicately braiding the hair to the scalp. Micro braids take longer to put in than box braids. Unlike box braids which are thicker, micro braids are thin, the hairs are sectioned into small parts to form the long-lasting braid! Micro braids can last for months.

So, what are you waiting for… Get the ultimate braiding experience by Thereza Hair!!


As our customers say ‘we do the best dreadlocks by far in Darwin’. We love the process of turning hair into this ‘solid strand’ We love being part of your dreads journey, and we love helping you achieve the look you are after. Dreadlocks are formed by using a crochet hook or twisting with gel We take time on each install to ensure a neat and flawless blend.

It takes time for the hair to become solid, Be Patient and enjoy the Journey.
Our prices differ, depending on hair thickness and length. To help us quote you accordingly, book a consultation with our loctician.

We love to be part of your dreadlocks journey; we offer maintenance service to help keep your dreads looking and feeling great! Due to the humidity in Darwin, we recommend having maintenance done every 4 to 6 weeks for the first 4 sessions and every 6 to 9 weeks for when dreadlocks have matured.


Common in Africa, and now widely seen on celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Cornrows is a traditional African hairstyle; women would gather up in the afternoon and cornrow each other’s hair in a social context. Cornrow is formed by braiding the hair close to the scalp; these can be done in different patterns, sizes and thickness, depending on your preference. You can also choose to add extensions, these are called #feed ins, # Ghana braids #yeboyebo and more… Check out our gallery.